Old Injuries

I was talking with a friend from Florida and he mentioned he had an old injury from playing golf. He was very close to getting into the pre PGA tour rounds when it happened and he choose to let it heal on his own rather than doing surgery.

That’s a tough call. Most people would opt for the quick fix of surgery, but the long term effect of surgery are very risky.

I was telling him about the Quantum Laser and how it could rejuvenate his injury. It is an amazing Laser. If you haven’t checked it out yet, look at the blog that is dedicated to the Scalar Laser.

I have a number of videos and stories about all the things that have been reversed with me as well as the people I know in Elite Leads. I am still in awe.  Every week I ear about new stories where people have been able to overcome years of pain and no long have to deal with the trauma of physical discord.

If you know of someone suffering, please let them know they have a choice and don’t have to put up with the pain any longer.