Drugs versus Natural Routes

I was talking with a new friend and we were talking about the choices people make when it comes to their health.

The person we were talking about has been a diabetic for more than 20 years. He has made some questionable choices such as what he eats, such as sweets, starches and drinking.

He’s also gone beyond a safe time limit before he eats and has passed out several times. One time he wiped out the side of a Jack and the Box with his son in the car.

His daughter has had to rescue him from the times he’s passed out and had to be taken to emergency, the first time was when she was 12.

He suffers from anxiety and temper tantrums with the highs and lows of his blood sugar levels and has after over insulated to keep his weight down.

I truly don’t believe in judging anyone. It is very challenging to know someone is instigating their diabetic reactions and not want to jump in (I am the ultimate fixer).

When I had brittle diabetes six years ago, I ate nothing but green for four months and my insulin levels have been normal ever since. Even when I decide to have a piece of carrot cake every couple of months.

Is there really a choice?