Magnetic Energy

Have you ever experienced magnetic energy? If you haven’t, you’ve missed one of the most pleasurable experiences any two people can share.

But one of the most frequent exchanges of magnetic energy is in healing modalities.

I first learned about this when I was pursuing processes to help me heal from muscular dystrophy I had contracted through a tetanus shot and an antibiotic I received at an emergency hospital visit.

After several years of pursuing methods of reversing the effects I was introduced to an American Indian Shaman. After his first session I didn’t notice any relief until four days later when all of the symptoms disappeared. The effects of the treatment lasted for about a month and I continued to receive treatments once a month for three years when the symptoms diminished permanently.

Many years later I read a book by Eric Pearl and he talked about energetic healing and the Robert Bartlett’s work on Matrix Energetics. The process of energy healing is fascinating and from my personal experience, is more effective than drugs and surgery when the challenge is energetic.

I would strongly recommend you learn more about energetic healing for chronic pain, stiff muscles, headaches and joint pain.

I even helped a young man who was in extreme pain with arthritis in his knee from an old sports injury. It took about 30 minutes and he said the effects lasted nearly a week. I showed him how he could do the work for himself and he no longer has to experience the pain.