Cleansing Your Organs

In 2004 I was trying to get through major health issues and at the time my liver was beginning to fail. I wasn’t able to work very many hours because I was so tire all the time. I was awake less than 12 hours a day.

So with the funds being very slim I went down to the local farmer’s market and bought about $35 worth of fresh vegetables. I took pictures of the vegetables as they related to each organ cleanse. Then I made a calendar to show how you can cleanse each organ, one a month and end up at the end of the year with more elasticity and better health which will creater better longevity.

Anyone can take 2-3 days and use natural healthy fruits and vegetables and cleanse your organs. For every year you do the cleanses, you’ll add five years longevity to your organs according to many nutritionists.

I’ve made this calendar available in a free down loadable .pdf so you can follow along. Just leave your name and email in the capture box on the home page hear and you’ll be redirected to the calendar.

Some of the benefits you’ll realize will include are:

  • Removing stiffness from your joints
  • Removing toxins from your system
  • Better quality of sleep
  • More clarity in your thinking
  • Easier to focus and pay attention
  • Reverse aging and feel younger
  • Improved organ functions