NLP – Stop Behavior

Years ago I was introduced to the NLP Technique used to do “Pattern Interrupt”. They teach clients to put a rubber band around their wrist and snap it every time they have a negative or non supportive thought especially when they speak something harmful of themselves.

This is a great concept to help people break the bad habit of “stinking thinking” but it leaves painful welts on one’s wrist.

So I began to experiment with a technique I though would have as much impact but wouldn’t leave the welt’s on their wrist.

Everyone has flicked their finger or had someone flick their finger against them. But this is will help anyone change their negative patterns.

hand-flicking hand




Place your index finger against your thumb and apply a bit of pressure and then release your index finger against the base of opposite wrist where you’d find your pulse.

You should feel a slight tingling in your fingertips and what you won’t feel is the gentle shock to your brain.

That is what will interrupt your habit of negative thinking.