Health Fair

On Saturday I helped Erick with his pinched nerve in his neck and he called last night to tell me he is so excited about the results he’s going to present the Scalar Wave Laser to Kaiser for a health fair.

Did you know 66% of all worker’s compensation claims are for administrative employees. Each worker’s comp claim cost a company an average of $65,000 and 1/3 of all employees will file a worker’s comp claim at least once in their career.

Imagine having access to a device at all workplaces which would reduce the number of worker’s comp claims and injuries or repercussions of injuries drastically?

I am so excited about the possibilities and what that will mean to companies when they can reduce their worker’s comp insurance and the number of claims they have to endure along with the costs of replacing the employees while they’re out on claims.

So I called one of the people who wants to have the Laser but can’t afford it right now and told him about my idea to participate in other health fairs so he could own his and it look like it will work for him.