Leg Injury

I was standing on a bookshelf trying to move things out of the way so I could reach my extra tall briefcase that my 17″ laptop fits in. I was heading down to Ajijic to visit my friend Ginger and it’s the briefcase with the wheels, so much more preferable than my snazzy blue case which I have to keep trading hands as they get too sore to carry the weight.

I had to remove several layers of things which were blocking the briefcase and got up and down on the bookcase several times. But the fourth time I stood up there without warning the shelf gave way and I came careening down with the particle board neatly snagging the left side of my left calf.

I was surprised when I reached down to touch it and it was wet. When I looked down I saw my hand was covered in blood. It couldn’t bee too bad, right?

I hobbled down to the first floor to get to the storage facility office where both Jenny and Phyllis jumped up and sprang into action. Jenny grabbed the first aid kit and went to work, after she diligently put on the rubber gloves.

Phyllis took my keys and went up to put everything back into the storage unit, minus the black briefcase. When she came back she said it looked like a battle had taken place in the unit.

Both Jenny and Phyllis had to talk me into going into the hospital. My preference was to go home and clean it up. I was vetoed. But I did talk Jenny into leading me to the hospital. They called in a plastic surgeon and he took 24 stitches. He told me how lucky I was because I had missed all the muscles.

So the next morning I made my way back into San Francisco, fortunately I was completely packed because it took two hours to shower, have Dr. Sam re-dress the wound and I got to the airport with about an hour to spare.

I actually waited until I got on the place before I took a pain pill. By then I was ready to pass out from sheer exhaustion.

I used the Scalar Wave Laser once I got into Phoenix and then again the whole flight into Guadalajara, which is nearly 3 hours. The only great thing about the injury was getting a wheelchair ride from the gate, through customs and out to the parking garage where Ginger’s car was parked.

Two days later I was walking without a limp whatsoever! That is pretty amazing. I stopped taking the pain pills the second night. I really don’t like how they effected me.

December 1st
I had the stitches taken out by Ginger’s weight doctor in Ajijic. He was impressed by how well it was healing and thought the stitches should have been taken out four to six days earlier.

He prescribed enzines to help heal the wound from the inside out and to reduce the swelling. He also prescribed a cream and told me it would eliminate the majority of the scarring.

The wound is only 7″ long now. There’s about 1/2″ on the top and bottom that are healed completely and don’t show any scarring.