Athletic Warriors

It always amazes me when people participate in sports that over tax their physical body to the point of creating long term pain.
Boys play football and spend the rest of their lives with major back pain, shoulder injuries and neck pain; girls play tennis and run track and do cheer leading then spend the rest of their lives with weak knees, tennis elbow.
Is it worth it? Is the lifelong physical stress, pain and discomfort worth the competitiveness of sports?
Fortunately today there is a resource to help all the past athletic warriors and the current weekend warriors. It is technology I never believed would exist in my lifetime.
I was introduced to the Scalar Wave Laser in November of 2010. I was never impressed as much as I was a month later when I met a woman for the second time who has Multiple Sclerosis. When I met Holly she was in a wheel chair and 6 weeks later she was out of the wheel chair without any symptoms at all.
The Laser has made a huge difference in my life. I have seen some amazing changes in my physical body. I no longer have back pain, the arthritis symptoms are completely gone, my hair is growing back twice as thick as it was.
If you’re in pain or you know anyone who has any pain, there’s now a way to eliminate the pain and discomfort you’ve been told you have to put up with.