My friend Ruby was inputting a whole stack of business cards into a spreadsheet for a friend of hers. Periodically she would stop and rub her hand.

When I asked her why she said the arthritis in her hands was very painful and she had blisters from it. I had never seen arthritis react to that level.

Of course I pulled out the Scaler Wave Laser and started using it on her. Twenty minutes later she was able to open and close her hand without any arthritic pain. She was very impressed with how fast the Laser had worked.

I followed up with Ruby and the next few days the arthritis symptoms didn’t return and surprisingly, the blisters were gone within a week.

I made sure we used the Laser on her at least once a week. The difference has been amazing. So far, non of the arthritis symptoms or pain have returned.

It is such a great feeling to know I can offer my friends and business associates a way of relieving their pain and health challenges.

I was raised with the only answers to health challenges being drugs and surgery. But that leads to just as many new challenges as it solves.

Alternative health care is non evasive and has no side effects. If you can find a an alternative choice to drugs, please consider it. You will e much happier and the long run.

The challenge is that it takes longer to address issues that the quick fix of drugs and surgery.