Educating the Masses

It is a major challenge for me to be among those who talk about illnesses as though they are a badge of courage. I hear people talking about “my” diabetes, “my” arthritis, and “my” back pain, etc.

I don’t know how anyone would want to own a dis-ease. I have done everything I could to shed any and every physical dysfunction. I chased cures from every possible resource.

There is a cure for everything, truly everything!

I was told about an American Indian Shaman by a woman who had Multiple Sclerosis. I saw him every month for three years before the symptoms were completely gone.

When my kidneys failed, I went to an acupuncturist every Monday for six months, then I had full recovery of my kidneys and avoided having to go through dialysis.

I went to a naturalpathic doctor when my liver failed and had nothing but juiced vegetables for more than six months. My liver recovered and became healthier than ever.

When my insulin levels hit 350 and dropped to 20 three or four times a day, I ate nothing unless it was green for four months until my insulin levels returned to normal. The level has stayed normal for more than six years,

It is a matter of choice. We always have choices and we have a responsibility to look for choices until we find the right answers.