Emotional Freedom Technique

I was at an event over the weekend and noticed a woman tapping on her temple, using the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT). I smiled and acknowledged her. It was a great reminder and a rare moment of connecting with another who is on the same path as I am.

It’s great to look around a room and notice someone who has decided to take control of their life. Imagine not ever having to take another pill ever again. It has been a goal of mine to be completely free from having to take any pills, herbs or even vitamins.

In 2003 my back went into spasm that prevented me from bending or lifting my legs for the first two hours every day. I would take a 800 ml tablet Ibuprofen nearly every day just so i could get dressed. I used EFT to relieve the pain and eventually was able to eliminate the Ibuprofen.

The last time I used a pain pill was in 2010 when I cut my leg and had to have 24 stitches. I took two pills in 24 hours and decided it was better to deal with the pain than feel the repercussions of the pain pills. Again I used EFT, the Scalar Wave Laser and meditation to control the pain.

It would be amazing if more people knew and would use the alternative to pain medications.