While I was in Los Angeles I had so many people come by our booth and tell me they were in pain.

Everything from back pain, one person had broken her foot in May but she was told her foot was only sprained, it took her five months to have someone finally recognize her foot was actually broken, I had one of the exhibitors who had major back pain, another who had muscle spasms that leveled him.

It is amazing to me how may people put up with pain when they don’t need to. There is always a resource for those who are willing to look for a different method of treating ailments.

Every person I used the Scalar Wave Laser on had immediate relief except the one who had the muscle spasms. He said since he wasn’t in pain when I worked with him he couldn’t tell if it was any easier. So I suggested he use avocados to reduce the effects of the muscle spasms. They have an an amazing ability to lubricate the joints and minimize muscle spasms by have one avocado a day for as long as it takes to eliminate the muscle spasms then one a week to keep them away is all it takes.