I was at a meeting last weekend when one of the women there was sneezing, blowing her nose and looked like she was very uncomfortable.

I went back to the back of the room to get a cup of coffee when she came back to get a cup of tea.

I asked her if she was feeling alright and she said she was, but her allergies had gotten pretty bad in the last couple of weeks. I asked if she had heard about using tea for allergies and she said she hadn’t.

I told her about using honey to slowly ingest what she was reacting to from the area and causing the allergic reactions she was experiencing.

Of course she had never heard of using honey. I told her how to look at farmer’s markets and local natural foods stores for honey which is produced from the local bees to create a honey which would help her overcome her allergies by slowly inducing honey into her system.

When you know someone who has allergies, you know anything is worth a try. The effects of having allergies includes lethargy, angst, indifference and impatience. Most don’t event know how devastating how many effects there are but they way you down and make you feel exhausted.

Take the time to look at what you can do to overcome the effects of the allergies you are experiencing.