Blistered Gums

I have never had any problems with my gums until I had a tooth extracted in March. It was the second tooth in seven years. I guess at my age shouldn’t be a surprise but I was surprised by the rapid decline of my gum health.

At first it was just one a blister above where the tooth that was extracted was. Then a second blister showed up at the eyetooth on the opposite side of my mouth.

I stumbled onto an article in the Sunday newspaper talking about the benefits of Coconut Oil pulling. So I thought, what the heck, I’ll try it!

Of course I made a face just thinking about putting a tablespoon of it in my mouth. It looks something like Crisco cooking oil. It’s white and somewhat gelled unless it’s warmer than 70° and it will turn to liquid.

About a month after pulling the Coconut Oil one of the people on my team for UBU ( who is in Chicago told me he had the same problem with his gums. It took him about two months to heal his gums.

So now it’s been two months for me and I’m still not back to healthy gums. But I will keep it up! I think I see a difference where the gum became so thin I could see my tooth roots through the gum. It might be getting better but time will tell.

I just had a friend tell me to rub bicarbonate of soda and glycerine on them to stops the blistering, so I’ll try that too!