We had a very wet winter which typically leads to an over abundance of allergies. If you haven’t ever had allergies, you’ve part of the lucky few.

In 1985 I experienced allergies to a level of my face and neck swelling to a point of turning into what looked like a solid mass without indentations. I had no neck no difference between the height of my nose and cheeks. I could barely breath and became afraid of sleeping because I thought I wouldn’t be able to get enough air in my lungs if I relaxed.

I went through the typical allergy tests which revealed I was allergic to ever tree in the world except one in South America. I was allergic to most flowers and an array of everyday exposures such as gasoline, perfumes, dust and, I swear, most food.

The answer of the M.D. who was an allergy specialist was to put my on a regiment of allergy shots, pills and repetitive appointments.

The problem, the doctor couldn’t guarantee I would get any better.

So I turned first to an acupuncturist. She had been in practice for more than20 years and was a very gentle soul. She helped me tremendously. I did have to drink a disgusting tea that could only pass my lips if I held my nose, but within 6 months I didn’t have the severe reactions I had before.

Some pessimists have suggested I would have overcome the allergies naturally within that time, but two years later they were back. I went back to the allergist and sure enough, three months later the symptoms were gone.

So I have to go with, it works!

I also found by taking at least 3 teaspoons of honey from the area I live I build up a resistance to what I am reacting to naturally.