Have you ever been standing next to someone or walk by someone who is wearing strong perfume or cologne?

I am extremely allergic to strong perfumes, colognes, gasoline , cigarette smoke and other strong odors. I was shocked when I went to an outdoor even in South San Francisco over the weekend. One of the women there had perfume on that was so strong I ended up getting a headache. When I got home I had to take a shower to get the smell off my clothes.

It is difficult to protect yourself from everything because most people don’t understand how sensitive some people can be.

I have done many detoxes and they help, but it seems like there is no particular thing that I’ve found that eliminates the reactions to the various odors. I’ve been able to minimize it by avoiding the things I know I’m allergic to, but when I’m out in public its harder to always stay away from the perfumes.

I’m not sure there is anything that can be done because the reaction is typical of candida which is often caused from taking antibiotics for prolonged periods of time.

But I have found local honey slowly eliminates the reaction to flowers, trees and other foliage I’ve been allergic to. I get honey from one of the local health food stores and take at least 3 teaspoons every day until the reactions have disappeared.