The Road to Perfect Health by Brenda Watson

I love PBS! The information they are able to share with us is more valuable than nearly any other channel there is.

I decided to watch while eating my homemade chicken soup (it’s so cold and it’s June!)

Six reasons you have disrupted your internal GPS (Gut Protective system)

  1. Over prescribing of antibiotics (over 6 times more subscriptions than are necessary)
  2. Microbes/Parasites – Abundance of yeast (Candida) (parasites thrive on an abundance of yeast, which thrive on destroying your immune system)
  3. Proton Pump (turn off the acid secretion system) increases chances of osteoporosis
  4. Low stomach acid – need to have ample stomach acid to digest foods especially meat
  5. Toxins – air pollution, water, food
  6. Age – decreasing Bifido as we age – replenish more as we age

The key to Keep your GPS Healthy

  1. Strengthen Immunity
  2. Maintain Healthy Intestinal Lining
  3. Enhances Detoxification Ability
  4. Manufactures Vitamins B & K

Besides getting plenty of rest, you should be taking Probiotics. But not all Probiotics are created equal. Here’s what you need to look for:

  1. High Culture Count
  2. Multiple Strains (at least 10 – Strains that start with L & B) Look for 15 billion cultures)
  3. Delayed Release
  4. Potency at end of time of experation