About six years ago I read The ReConnection by Eric Pearl and was fascinated by his story. In fact, there were three of his stories that were exactly like my stories.

One in particular when I had a 102 degree temperature and I swear the people on the television program were in the living room with me. The only difference with Eric’s story was he had pneumonia and the people in his room were telling him to get to the hospital because of his 102 degree temperature.

Eric’s story was what inspired me to get my DNA activated too!

Why are prominent doctors and medical researchers all over the world interested in the extraordinary healings reported by the patients of Dr. Eric Pearl? What does it mean when these patients report the sudden disappearance of afflictions such as cancer, AIDS, and cerebral palsy? And what does it mean when people who interact with Dr. Pearl report a sudden ability to access this healing energy not just for themselves, but for others, too? What is this phenomenon?

Well, you might have to reconsider everything you=ve read up until now about conventional healing. The Anew@ frequencies of healing described by Dr. Pearl transcend Atechnique@ entirely and bring you to levels beyond those previously accessible to anyone, anywhere. This book takes you on Eric Pearl=s journey from the discovery of his ability to heal, to his well-deserved reputation as the instrument through which this process is being introduced to the world. But most important, The Reconnection reveals methods you can use to personally master these new healing energies.

I highly recommend reading Eric’s book, not only because of the fascinating stories, but because of the exposure of his concepts.