Matrix Energetics

I had been introduced to Richard Bartlett’s work through a client of mine and since I have always been interested in various types of natural healing processes, I bought the book.

I had been experiencing severe back pain and decided to try the process Dr. Bartlett describes. By placing one hand, palm on the skin at the point of pain and the second palm in the opposite position (top/bottom; right/left; front/back) and sliding each palm in the opposite direction of each while imagining the energy passing through the palms healing the pain, the theory is, the pain will be diminished.

It actually works. It is a simple process that anyone can do anywhere they are without requiring any tools.

What I added was to rub my palms together to bring up my energy level prior to placing my palms on my back and stomach. The effects was much better.

Matrix Energetics Book: The Science and Art of Transformation
Review: “Matrix Energetics applies the principles of quantum physics as a unique and effective approach to healing. This is the essence of energy medicine.” — C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., president of Holos University Graduate Seminary, founding president of the American Holistic Medical Association, and author of Life Beyond 100