The Instruction

Living the Life Your Soul Intended by Ainslie MacLeod

Ainslie MacLeod

Many of us yearn to live out our highest potential but can’t seem to make it happen. External circumstances such as money, the right job, or family demands seem to get in the way. But what if our greatest challenge to fulfillment wasn’t an external obstacle but rather an internal one? And what if it didn’t have anything to do with this lifetime, but a previous incarnation? This is the radical message Ainslie MacLeod shares in The Transformation.

In this empowering new approach to healing, Ainslie teaches us how to identify our past-life fears and then transform them into opportunities for growth and spiritual development. Join this renowned psychic to explore:

The ten most common past-life fears—and how each one contains the seed of its own healing
More than a dozen spiritual acts and exercises to help you move toward fulfillment and joy in this lifetime
Reaching “Stage-Four Consciousness”—the next evolutionary step our souls are striving to take
How the human species is “clearing out” our collective past-life traumas to make way for a global transformation.


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This book was instrumental in helping me understand how two people from completely different backgrounds could end up in the very same place. Our soul development is a journey and Anslie’s descriptions of how this takes place is invaluable.