Years ago when I was getting facials on a regular basis from one of my clients, she had me use glycolic  acid for gentle peels. I started out with a 10% solution and once a month did a 25% solution from November through April, but never during the months when the sun was at it’s brightest.

Within six months I no longer had marks from the acne I had had when I was in my teens. After a year I no longer experienced breakouts. That was amazing to me.

I have continued to use it for more than 15 years and people will often comment on the healthiness on youthfulness of my skin. I am frequently surprised by those who believe I am 15 to twenty years younger than my actual age.

Imagine however if you had discovered glycolic acid when you were in your teen. It would have saved you a tremendous amount of grief and embarrassment! So after you have read this, please let as many teenagers know about using this as possible.

I also use good facial creams and use the galvanic spa to treat my facial skin and it does make a major difference.

To see pictures of before and after results: