I guess everyone has to experience falling up the stairs once in their lives! So I just got that one out of the way! My slipper slid off the stair and I grabbed for the railing (broke 3 fingernails, ouch!) and did some kind of crazy twisting routine and bruised the top of my foot, but the swelling was more obvious on the bottom. I can bend my toes so it’s not likely it’s broken, but it took me over an hour and a half of using the Laser before the pain was minimized enough to go to sleep.

I met with a friend Kate Rogers to catch up and talk about her new blog and she told me a friend of hers brought her a Comfrey poultice when she sprained her arm and in 20 minutes the swelling was reduced drastically.

Of course I had to look it up on YouTube to find out how someone could make up a poultice and I found an amazing amount of information.

So I made the poultice and put it on my foot. The swelling definitely was down this morning. Now if I could just figure out how to get rid of the pain. I’ve been using the Laser and it helps but as soon as I move my foot the pain is back!

I guess time will have to do the trick!