I was at an event tonight where I met a woman who, within two minutes struck up a conversation most people can’t even imagine having with their best friends let alone someone they just met.

He sister in England just wrote and told her how she was loosing her hearing and her biggest regret is she won’t be able to hear her children’s voices in the near future.

Another sister who lives in San Francisco is plagued by arthritis and is an incredible artist who can no longer paint and is struggling with the ability to keep up with teaching others how to discover their artistic talents.

She herself has been suffering from a neck pain that keeps her from sleeping and getting the level of rest that would help her great through her days.

Imagine not knowing there is a cure for each of these situations and how three sisters could be completely free of these difficulties that keep them from having the life they truly deserve . . .  I always wonder how many people are affected with ailments and pain when they don’t have to be.

I am so grateful I have been made aware of the resources to help these people find the right tools and methods to give them a life without pain and restore them to vitality.