Macular Degeneration

Cold lasers in specific wavelengths and with certain frequency capabilities have the ability to positively affect the diseased, compromised, depolarized or degenerating cells in a number of profound and positive ways. By repolarizing the compromised cell membrane from impermeable to permeable, we increase its metabolic performance (energy, oxygen and nutrients in and wastes out). Furthermore, by delivering photons to the cell with a cold laser, the Mitochondria in the cell can convert the photonic energy into ATP, which is the chemical energy all cells require to function, perform, heal and replicate. Additionally the laser helps to deactivate 7 of the 9 enzymes that cause inflammation by up to 70%, reduce pain by activating the secretion of beneficial endorphins and overall, support the healing process quite substantially on a cellular level.

Some cold lasers are better for delivering frequency medicine than others:
One of the best is the Scalar Wave Laser because of how easy it is to program, the vast number of frequencies you can program in yourself and the large number of empty slots of custom frequency settings or combinations of frequencies.

Frequencies for Macular Degeneration and Cataract:
For best results also combine with a power antioxidant eye formula supp.
1830, 728, 784, 787, 880, 10,000
For Cataract caused by disease, degeneration or surgery:
1830, 496, 325, 774
For Cataract Brunescent (brown opacity in later life):
2010, 1335, 1830,

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