Detox Calendar

Every year I create the Detox calendar to remind myself to keep up the cleansing of my organs. It is a great way of adding elasticity (regeneration) to the organs. I’ve been told it also adds 5 more years of longevity to the organ each time (at this rate my organs aren’t even born yet! LOL) but regardless, most people assume I am between 45 and 50 instead of 61. And in truth, I feel younger and healthier than when I was 45.

So starting on Sunday I will take a bushel of oranges, make 60 ounces of orange juice and add 20 ounces of distilled water and drink it each day for two days. I will also make a tea out of wood sanicle and peppermint and have a cup three times a day. I won’t eat any food for the two days so the combination will have the best opportunity to do the cleansing.

It will make my skin detox and feel fresh and younger. What a great way to start out the year! Younger looking skin!

So why don’t you join me in my quest for detoxing my skin and feeling and looking more youthful?

The new calendar is now ready for you to download!

Happy New Year to all of you and may 2012 bring you only the very best of your fondest dreams and aspirations!