I was talking with a friend who is visiting in Malaysia for a business trip. He mentioned he was having trouble adjusting to the time change from New York. He was upside down about 12 hours and couldn’t adjust to day and night times.

I told him about the Brother Charles Synchronicity CD and asked him to down load the file and listen to it while he was sleeping.

Much to my pleasure, he did it the very same day and told me he slept much better. He even believed he had caught up with the time difference and would be able to function much better while he was there.

It is hard to imagine, but 25% of all adults have sleep apatheia and many others who get less than five hours sleep each night. When you get less sleep than you need to feel rested, you not only have a less than productive day, but you also begin the process of destroying your your autonomic nerve system. Without a autonomic a nerve system functioning perfectly, you run the risk of damaging your nervous system.

The amazing thing about using the mp3 files is you can reverse the effects within a short period of time and begin to have full nights sleep and feel rested through the day.