Sore Throat

I was talking with Tina who I met in Los Angeles in November and she had managed to get a pretty bad cold. I personally think those “colds” are actually a virus.

It’s been going on since 1995 and it gets more intense every year. Most people go to their doctors and the doctors prescribe an antibiotic for it. But antibiotics don’t help a virus.

What they do is help the virus become more intelligent and get stronger and more intense. I’ve had the virus about six times in the past 16 years. The last time I got it I had a 102 degree fever for three days. It was last December while I was staying in San Francisco and the freezing cold rain only made the virus more intense.

I finally went out on Christmas Day and bought a 5th of Brandy. I had four hot toddies and went to bed to sleep for ten hours. I repeated that for four days in a row and managed to kick the fever and most of the symptoms.

The sore throat was completely gone after the four days because I drank fresh orange juice with ten drops of Tabasco all day long.

I know most people would rather use over the counter medication, but when you look at the side effects of the medication, it isn’t worth it.