I met with a friend on Saturday and he told me he had been in Belize and ended up getting bites by sand flies.

For the past 10 years he put up with the marks on his legs showing up and causing nasty looking marks on his skin.

He found he could use the Rife machine and get relief as long as he used the Rife every eight days. The challenge is though, it isn’t as easy to transport a Rife machine when travelling.

We set the Scalar Wave Laser on four settings and used it for about an hour and a half. There wasn’t any real difference even two hours later, but the next day he called to tell me all of the open sores were healing over and it seemed as though there was a major difference.

It’s been about two days now and he has noticed there is a continuing difference. He’s continuing to heal and he is now considering getting his own Laser.