Friend in Pain

I was at an event this week when two of the ladies I was talking with mentioned they were experiencing back pain. I suggested we have dinner and I brought the Scalar Wave Laser with me. I used all of the settings first on the Unwind selections.

She had a tightening in the center of her back. It was tight and was stressful for her.

It took about 45 minutes to run through each of the selections. About half way through, she began to notice a difference.

Today she was one of the first people I ran into and of course I asked her how her back was doing!

“Great!” she beamed and reached out to hugged me.

I asked her what she noticed and she told me her back was relaxed and there was absolutely no stress.

The part I love in playing a role in helping people get rid of their pain is knowing I have been able to relieve their stress and let them focus on what they want to rather than on pain.

Another benefit is helping to educate others on how they can challenge what they have always been told, they have to either learn to live with the pain or take drugs or have surgery.

Now, the best part is, from their own experience, they know they have a healthy alternative.