I met Alley through a new friend I met in Denver last weekend and when we discovered we both had been given a gift of a process to help others overcome what they struggle with. Alley asked if I would be open to trading sessions, and of course I jumped on it!

We had a great NESTing session on Friday and when we started our Angel session today, I knew it would be special. Somehow we intuit when something is special or unique!

What I appreciated about Alley’s work is she matched what I was experiencing. I asked for help with my health. Although I am healthier than I have been in 20 years, I have known there is a blockage somewhere. She agreed it was the most crucial area to focus on!

The first thing I recognized was the air around me became lighter and breezy! It was as though the Angel’s wings were close to my body. Then an acidic taste filled my mouth and Alley told me the Angels were drawing the toxins from me.

Next Alley asked me to check my Thymus. It was flat and she got that it should be round. She was seeing that it was hard and dark when it should be light and supple.

I felt a burning sensation in my lungs and nearly all the symptoms I’ve ever experienced from pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis etc. My lungs have always been my weakest point. Alley told me the Angels were removing what seemed like a web (scar tissue?) from my lungs.

The energy moved to my stomach next and I was aware of the movement in my stomach and at the same time the heat increased around my Thymus.

Alley told me they were releasing fluid from my Pancreas (which controls how the body processes insulin) and working with my Gall Bladder which was very stressed.

I physically felt each organ as they were working through them. Then Alley asked me to feel my Thymus again and it had become rounded and hot! It was even sore to the touch. She told me the Thymus is the connection to our spirituality.

The process took about an hour and then I took a two hour nap. I wanted the healing to continue and felt it would be easier to do so if I was not conscious.

So, for a birthday gift, the session was remarkable and the dream I had while napping was sweet and surreal. I dreamed my father and brother Tony came to visit me for my birthday. My father wanted to take us on a trip (he loved to drive) and we got in this ridiculously long car and seemed to be in a place very similar to Ajijic, Mexico with dirt roads and very happy people.

I actually felt as though I had spent time with my father and Tony when I woke up. What a great birthday gift!