Pain Relief

I got a call today from Clyde who was talking about having hip replacement surgery. He’s already had two shoulder replacements, on the same shoulder, neither one has worked.

He’s also got diabetes, high cholesterol, numb feet, gout and a slew of other symptoms and diagnosis he said was too boring to dignify.

It is hard to imagine when someone is going through this many challenges in their health to hear they are going to be subjected to another surgery and the long rehabilitation that will follow.

Having gone through multiple surgeries and diagnosis of various symptoms over a twelve year period, I understand how challenging this can be for someone who would have to spend the rest of their life challenging one symptom and one diagnosis after another.

I truly believe our bodies are more resilient than we give them credit for and by doing drugs and surgery we prohibit our bodies from doing their job. We do need help from time to time and sometimes the help includes drugs and surgery, but not always.

Take a look at your options and try to see what your choices are before electing from surgery.

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  1. thanks Hugh – I know you are more conscious than others based on your comment. At least your nephew has plenty of time to learn!

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