To Change or Not to Change

I was listening to a CD while driving to San Jose this week and was amazed to hear this billionaire talk about the Calllahan Technique.

In 1998 a member of Elite Leads gave me a copy of “Driving Your Own Bus” and after reading it I thought it was interesting but not very remarkable. Then in 2001 I was in Phoenix at an event and I met a psychotherapist who had been teaching a tapping method to get her clients to overcome major obstacles.

I thought, “this sounds familiar”.

I dug up the “Driving Your Bus” book and sure enough it was the same method.

Then I visited a naturalpathic healer in San Jose and she was using the same method, but, the more recent updates on the training shortened the process and it made a lot more sense to me.

About six months later I fell down a flight of cement stairs and used the technique to drive myself to Oakland, take BART to San Francisco and run my Elite Leads meetings. I used it all the way back home and then for the next three days. I wasn’t able to find an independent x-ray office. So by Friday I finally went to the emergency at the hospital. My leg was broken in three places. They made a temporary cast until the swelling went down the next week.

The doctor said I would have to wear the cast for six months. When I went back four weeks later he took the cast off and gave me the protective boot to wear for a month. It too was gone in 30 days.

Look at the Resources page for the specific technique and how to use it.