Quick Recovery

Shortly after my broken leg recovered I was getting into my SUV and my back went out. I couldn’t get in and I couldn’t get out any further than I was. I started using the tapping technique. I managed to get back into the car and get to my next destination. I was sitting there talking with them when I realized my back was no longer in pain.

Then about a year later when my brother was very ill and the doctors gave him six months to live I started using the tapping technique and after working with the process for three hours all the way home from visiting his place. Three weeks later the edema had decreased drastically and his doctor decided not to do surgery.

I used the tapping method on my brother at least three hours a week. Rather than three months, he lived five years. The last six months of  his life he had given up. I believe he truly was too tired to fight it any more.

It’s hard to know when to let go and when to fight. Because he was my brother I couldn’t let go. I wanted to fight with everything I had. I would have gone to the end of the Universe to find a way to keep him with me, but that wasn’t my choice.

At least the tapping helped reduce the pain and discomfort.