Nail Fungus

I was at the airport in Las Vegas in November 2009. I had two very heavy bags and the rope course was six isles wide, with not a soul in line. I ducked under the first rope and caught my left ring and left pinkie fingers on the handle of the suit case and were pulled back from the nail bed.

It hurt like the dickens for days after I returned to the Bay Area. Some time later I must have done exactly the same thing on my right hand and as much as the left hand had hurt, I never figured out why I don’t remember doing it.

Needless to say by February I had four nails lifting from the nail bed about half the length of the nail bed. It began to concern me quite a bit and I’d ask everyone I thought might have the experience to help me figure out what I might do to stop the lifting. I asked the nail technicians where I had my nails done. I asked several pharmicists. I even went to a medical supply store to see if they had an opinion. Each person offered a different remedy, but none worked.

There was no discoloration, I was simply concerned I might end up with four nails falling off.

The about a month ago I asked my friend Gwen if she had ever seen such a thing and she explained, it is a fungus even though it might not look like one. She told me to soak my nails in white vinegar serveral times every day.

Here it is, about four weeks have gone by and my nails have stopped lifting. They are slowly healing. Can you imagine how simple that was?

Just a reminder, sometimes, it is that simple.