Sore Throat Cure

I was at a 3–day event in San Francisco and the speaker had a sore throat. I asked if he would drink something if I brought it to him. He said, “It sounds awful!” I told him it is, but it works! So I went downstairs to the restaurant and had the waiter make my concoction! When I brought it into the room, he definitely didn’t want to drink it, he even left it on the table when he went to the back of the room, but I brought it to him and watched as he made a face and took a tentative sip. “It’s not bad is it?” “It’s spicy!” he answered.

I was in Reno at a hotel about 15 years ago and I woke up at 2 am with my throat on fire! I’ve always been susceptible to sore throats and being this was December and it was snowing, it was a typical reaction. I probably got my feet wet at some point earlier in the day.

I had a speaking engagement at 10 am the next morning and obviously needed to be able to talk!

I went down to the bar (being in Reno the bar never closes) and asked the bar tender for some fresh orange juice and Tabasco sauce. I put 10 drops of the Tabasco sauce into the 8 ounces of “fresh” orange juice. I drank it down and it burned the heck out of my throat. But I ordered a second one and drank it down before I crawled back into bed.

The next morning my throat was perfect!

Since I created the concoction in 1995, I have had to use it at least 10 times and had no less than  50 others who have used the remedy successfully too!