Pain Relief

I went by to see a friend of mine who has been loosing the feeling in her arm and experiencing quite a bit of pain in her neck. She has been to her doctor and they have been putting her through a battery of tests.

I took the Scalar Laser over to her and within 30 minutes she no longer felt pain. Her arm was feeling a bit better but her arm was still a bit numb. I left the Laser with her for the week and when I called her this afternoon she said the pain was completely and her arm had more feeling as well.

Her doctor called her today to schedule surgery. He wants her to wear what the call as a “halo”. It’s a device that she’ll wear to keep her head moving while she’s waiting for surgery. That will be nearly two weeks from now.

The sad thing is she has had more than five surgeries during the five years since I met her. There is always something wrong and it always requires a surgery.

Do you know people who are like that? They always seem to have something wrong and they are always going to the doctor or talking about their health.

Most experts believe it is a cry for attention. Whether it is or not, it is a shame to put a body through so much trauma so often.