I was just fine when I got up on Sunday morning, I had my favorite Sunday breakfast, did a little house work and then decided to go up and catch up on my blog writing.
I sat down at the computer, turned my head to the left and immediately had a muscle spasm in my neck.

I tried the Scalar Wave Laser, magnets, ointments, heat, ice and yet nothing 

worked. I couldn’t believe it.

It got a little worse by Monday but by Tuesday I couldn’t lift my right arm. Fortunately my friend Ruby knows an Acupuncturist in Hayward. We were able to get me an appointment right after lunch.

By the time we got there I wasn’t able to open the car door. But with my previous positive experience with Acupuncture, I was sure I wouldn’t have to worry about it much longer.
Acupuncture Cups

Dr. Kim (also has a phD in

psychology) applied the acupuncture needles and w within 20 minutes he removed them.

I thought I was done but he instructed me to remain on the table. He poked the skin on my back and place the cups over the center of the hole. Then he withdrew the air from the cups and it stretched the skin up into the cups. The suction drew blood up into the cups.

Dr. Kim explained later that the muscles that were in pain didn’t circulate the blood as healthy muscles did.