I was at a meeting in San Francisco last weekend when one of the women at the meeting was struggling with her knees and lower back. Of course I had the Scalar Wave Laser with me so I decided to use it on her.

I did the Unwind Protocol first to diminish the stress level she has from being in pain. Then I worked through the entire setting of the Essentials: Quantum, Relieve, Pleo, Activate, Rejuv, Soothe, Unity, Vital, Cohere and Wave.

Once I got through the cycles I repeated Activate and Rejuv alternately over and over again. Within an hour she looked me across the table and smiled. I was anxious to hear what she had to say once the meeting was over.

She came over and gave me a hug! The she bent her left knee, then her right and then bent over to pick up a folder off the floor and grinned.

“See, no pain!” she laughed.

What a wonderful tool to have! I feel so fortunate I can just go around relieving people of their pain and putting smiles back on their faces.

If only everyone knew where to look . . .