Attention Deficit Disorder

I was speaking in Yuba City earlier today and one of the event coordinators came up to thank me for being there and the message I delivered. She stayed very near as all the attendees approached me and added their own personal reaction to my presentation.

I kept watching her out of the corner of my eye, intuitively knowing there was more to the conversation yet to be said.

About an hour later, we began to pack up the books and CD’s and she asked if she could help, but if you’ve ever known anyone with ADD, you know that things have to be done a certain way, in a certain order and everything has to be in a specific place in order to avoid panic the next time it is to be used.

So when she mentioned her son (35 years old) has severe ADD and has struggled in keeping a job, I could relate. I created multiple systems to keep me on track and always had no less than two and sometimes three people replace me when it was time to leave a job.

But for those who don’t create systems, it is brutal! I struggle with my initial need to help others and offer solutions. Is it part of their process to have to find the answers I had to struggle to find or did I have to struggle to find the answers so I would have the answers to share?

I hope it’s the latter. I gave her the run-down on how I’ve managed with ADD and dyslexia since I was ten years old. No one would ever guess when they get to know me, but I’ll always know.

The fact is, there is a cure for nearly (had to add that word!) everything . . . the journey is what we do to find our own solutions!