No Mystery

I was in Monterey at Asilomar speaking over the weekend and my friend Ruby had to leave early on Sunday morning to work a show in Palo Alto. I asked around and one of the attendees mentioned his wife had to be at work in Palo Alto to go to work in the afternoon. I asked if it was possible to catch a ride with them.

They are an amazing family. Lorna is a medical translator at Stanford hospital, Homero is a musician from Peru and their son Edward is passionate about dancing.

It wasn’t long before we were talking about alternative health and Lorna told me she doesn’t believe in taking medication unless there isn’t an alternative.

Homero has had back pain for quite awhile so I was able to use the Laser on his back the entire two hours back to the Bay Area. We talked about using avocados for the leg cramps that Lorna gets and using apple cider vinegar for Homero’s sisters arthritis.

Edward talked about how he went to see a hip hop dancing class and the instructor insisted he join in rather than observe. He put his hand over his heart and moved it in and out like a heart beat.

By the time we got to Palo Alto to drop me off I felt as though we were old friends. Isn’t it amazing at how easy it is to get to know people?

Homero called me on Monday to tell me it was the first day he didn’t have to take pain pills for his back.

I love the era we live in! There is an alternative solution to nearly every possible ailment.