Back Pain

I was coming back from Sacramento with my friend Ruby when I got the idea to stop by to visit my friends John and Rafael in Winters.

It was a beautiful drive down old country roads where not a single other car appeared. There were geese overhead heading south for the winter and field after field of sunflowers and corn stalks already dried.

We arrived at this beautiful property in time to find Rafael in pain. His sciatica was giving him major difficulty. So I pulled the Laser out of the car and as we walked around the gorgeous property we let the Laser do it’s job. It took less than 30 minutes before his pain was completely gone.

Then he asked if we could work on his knee. Rafael laid on the couch and within a few minutes he was out for the count. That’s one of the benefits  of not having pain any more.

Before we left he admitted he was completely out of pain.

It is wonderful to watch my friends eliminate the pain they have been subject to. I would love to have everyone I know have a laser so they can always have the means of eliminating the pain and illnesses they will be subject to.