Emotional Freedom Technique

I’ve talked about this concept several times previously and I am always in awe of how powerful this truly is.

I was talking with a client on Monday when she mentioned she was having a challenge with an issue that made her fearful. When I asked her what she thought the worst case scenario would be, she admitted it wasn’t as bad as she imagined it to be when she said it out loud.

So, we found the base of how serious the issue was, and it was a 5. That is medium range for a challenge and surprising how much fear she had conjured up around the issue. But each one of us has our own challenges in life to deal with.

We went through the first round of EFT (look at the resources tab to find the exact process) and it was a three. Then after two more rounds, it was a one. I asked her then how she felt about the issue and she said it did make her feel so panicky.

The process took less than ten minutes and changed her perspective completely. It is amazing how incredibly fast this works.

We do not have to put up with emotional or physical issues. There is a way to address each and every scenario and correct it. And what is truly amazing is that most of the time it only takes a few minutes and does not require drugs or surgery!