Improving Your Skin

Natural methods of improving your skin are the best. When I was in my 20s I rarely washed my face before falling into bed every night. Today, while in my 60’s, I actually think I can feel the heaviness of the layer of makeup and can’t bare to go to sleep without washing my face. It started when I turned 50 however. I suddenly saw the first appearances of wrinkles around my mouth and my lipstick began to bleed, especially when I wore red lipstick. I was mortified the first time I looked into a mirror and saw my lipstick spreading downward towards my chin!

So that was the wake up call and I began to finally take care of my skin. I used ever fancy and yes, expensive cream I could find. And no, they didn’t seem to make a bit of difference.

Galvanic SpaWhen I introduced to the NuSkin Galvanizer, I was duly impressed. The very first time I used it, I could see a difference in my skin. But the biggest impact was in my eyelids. Over a six month period, my eyelids went from drooping down to my eyelashes to being firm and taught and I once again had youthful looking eyes. In fact, my eyelids looked better than a friend who went through the surgery and ended up with scars above the eyebrows that even now, three years later are prominent.

Actually I don’t mind getting older, but I’ll do everything I can to avoid looking older.