Rapid Healing

It’s been three weeks since I fell and bruised my ribs. Well, they could be cracked, but I didn’t go to get an xray, so I’m not sure.

For the first week I could hardly breathe. Then I used the Scaler Wave Laser for three to four hours a day and within five days the majority of the pain had lessened drastically.

I still had to sit up to sleep comfortably and I just held my breath if someone said something that was funny, let alone if I sneezed.

I even took a chance and ended up flying to Jamaica to see my niece get married even though it was not the best thing to do, but I managed the trip without any mishaps.

It’s funny though, it started raining last night and the ribs started hurting again. But I’m sure with a little sunshine which we’re supposed to have again tomorrow, it will be better again.

I know the healing process has been very rapid, more than I ever imagined possible, but I am so pleased with the results of the Laser.