Looking Younger

I’ve been talking all month about various methods I’ve tried to keep my face looking younger. Well I also include my hands and my neck as well.

About 15 years ago I met a cosmetologist who invited me to her salon to experience my first facial. I know, that seems ridiculous, but I was truly not into pampering myself, way back then! grin . . .

So she applied creams and various ointment and massaged my face, neck and upper chest skin. It was very pleasant and I could understand indulging in the process on a regular basis, granted enough time was available.

Then she cleansed my skin and exfoliated it with granuals that felt like sand on my face. She explained that it would remove any dry particles of my skin.

The next process she did was shocking, at first. She applied Glycolic Acid all over my face, neck and chest. She explained that it would erode the dry skin away.

About 7 minutes into it, I thought my face was on fire! She made me wait another whole minute! But the results were worth it! My face literally glowed! So I continued to do the Glycolic Peels once a week using the 10% and once a month using the 25%. Be sure not to continue to do it when you are going to be exposed to the sun like when you are going on vacation.

What is amazing is the acne scars from 45 years ago disappeared over the first year.

You can get the Glycolic Acid on ebay.com for $10 to $15.